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Best techniques and quality;
Work voltage: 3.5V-6V
Anti terrible environment; Support wide work temperature: -40℃~80℃;
Support firmware update online;

1. Setting convenient, and without linking with lines;
2. using universally;
3. Fast speed of data transferring, which is stable and reliable; 

Technique parameters
Product name: BX-5A2&RF wireless controller
Recommend index: ★★★★★
Product status: Being brought to market in March 2012, always in stores;
Application fields: Universally used in the schools, communities, cars parks, gases stations, stores and so on,
Performance index: Controlling performance parameters are equal to BX-5A2;
Maximum power: ≤1W
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-110dBm (1% mistakes)
Maximum transferring distance : ≤2000M  (For the blocks of the buildings, suggesting the distance: ≤250M)
Screen data transferring speed: 38400bit/s
Serial port baud rate: 57600bit/s/ or 9600bit/s
Working RF: 433MHz
Antenna port: SMA unipolarity antenna (outer)
Work voltage: 5V (3.5V-6V)
Work temperature: -40℃~80℃

Имеется в наличии: Неограниченно